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Types Of Makeup Brushes (by Area Of Application)

  • Foundation brush - long, flat bristles and tapered tip

  • Powder brush - fluffy bristles; soft, full and rounded

  • Fan Brush - It is used dust off any fall outs and also to apply highlighter on the highest points of the face. A large fan brush is usually made out of natural fibers and is fanned out 180 degrees that covers a large perimeter of the face.

  • Blush brush - fine bristles and rounded head

  • Bronzer brush - It is made with natural bristles and is fluffy in shape. It applies powder bronzer beautifully and distributes the product evenly on the skin. One can also use this brush to apply face powders if one finds a normal powder brush too big to use.

  • Concealer brush - soft and flat with a pointed tip and a wide base

  • Kabuki brush - There are 2 types : Flat Top and Angled. Both types are densely packed. It best applies liquid foundations and it provides full coverage.

  • Duo-fiber multipurpose brush - flat, circular and feathery head

  • Mineral powder brush - thick and rounded

  • Face contour brush - slanted and rounded for cheekbones

  • Face sponge - varied shape, sponge texture (use wet or dry)

  • Highlighter Brush - This brush is usually made out of natural bristles and is considerably small in size. The tapered but elongated bristles makes it perfect to apply powder highlighter on the highest points of the face. The tapered bristles while applying makes it evenly distributed on the skin.

  • Blending Brush - Blending brushes are made using natural bristles and is fluffy in appearance. It is used to blend out any harsh edges for a seamless effect. It works best with powder products because of the natural fibers.

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