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Lip Liner Pencil Effect

There are colored lips pencil out of the lips, Lip Liner Pencil the middle filled with different colors of lipstick color. In fact, the use of lip pen, is the case.

If your lips are thin and rugged, Lip Liner Pencil then a lip pencil is better than lipstick to fill your lips. Fill the entire lips with a lip pen, but also make the uneven place to fill the more uniform. Lip Liner Pencil This is the lipstick can not achieve the effect.

If you prefer to use the effect of moisturizing and shiny lipstick, then you have to know, moisturizing lipstick than matte lipstick more easily fade, if you want to moisturize the lipstick to keep a little longer, then before applying lipstick, with light The pencil pencil rendering the most lasting effect.

We now tell you why the brand will launch the same color lip liner and lipstick, is to make your lip color can be more durable, waxy lip liner first in the lips on the base, and then smear the same color lipstick, wax The texture of the combination of lipstick lip color lasting color does not fade.

If you need matte effect lip color, Lip Liner Pencil then use a brush with a lip pen smear on the lips, you can get the effect of pure matte texture.

How, is not the lip pen with more understanding of it? Not fast with lip liner to draw a nice lips, make your lips more beautiful and moving it!

Beautiful makeup, can not do without the lips of the credit.Lip Liner Pencil Because the lips are a very striking part, but many people's lips are not so sexy. Do not worry, there is an artifact that can make up the lips, that is, lip liner. Here to introduce the role of the lower lip pen and how to use.

First choose a and their lips around the color is similar to cover the cream, with a little finger to take a little bit, stained in the lip line, gently halo open, Lip Liner Pencil so that it is more natural with the surrounding skin. And then according to their own face and want to change into the shape, with lip liner to lip line outward or to shrink inside

Generally believed that the use of lip liner to clear the outline of the two uses, on the one hand to create a more perfect lip, on the one hand to prevent lipstick halo open. But the makeup artist that the use of urban women now have the lipstick quality off, simply do not worry about easy to open halo In addition, Lip Liner Pencil if the outline with a lip pen, lip contours will appear more rigid. Recently, Europe and the United States popular trend is to save the lip liner, and directly play the role of lip sweep, Lip Liner Pencil this is not simply to save time, Lip Liner Pencil save trouble, but to create a natural vivid lip.

Therefore, the daily dress do not have to use lip liner, the correct way is to use the foundation to improve the lip cover, with lip sweep dipped in lipstick, Lip Liner Pencil and then press the lip line of the brush from the middle of the upper lip began to outline the upper lip , To a band, can not have any pause, Lip Liner Pencil then the upper lip on the right side of the lower lip from the mouth to the mouth with a pass.

Lip liner has the following points:

1. Extend or expand the range of the best not to exceed your original lips profile 1-1.5 mm.

2. The color of the lip liner must be close to the lips.

3. too thin lips: should not use lip pen strokes the whole mouth.

4. too thick lips: mouth than the original mouth were painted out a little, Lip Liner Pencil not too much, this will make the overall lines more natural and smooth.

5. too small lips: lip line strokes when the upper lip slightly expanded, Lip Liner Pencil the most critical is to expand the lower lip line; too large lips: contour lines to draw some of the income.