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The Best Eyebrow Pencil for Your Hair Color

For red hair...

When choosing a brow pencil, it's not just about matching your hair color. It's also about your skin tone and eye color. If your skin tone has pink in it, you don't want to match exactly to your hair color or else it will look orange. So you want to go for something a little ashy.

For brown hair...

For brunettes, the general rule is to stay within one to two shade ranges of your hair color. If you have light brown hair with light eyes, pick a darker tone to define. If you have dark eyes, it's always safer to go slightly lighter. You should match to your highlight rather than your base.

For black hair...

People with black hair seem to think they need to find an exact match, but that tends to look drawn-on and fake. Try a cool, medium-brown instead.

For blond hair...

If you're a blond, you don't want to look mousy. If you have light skin and eyes, match to the base tone of your hair. This will provide get definition and, more importantly, make you look awake. If you match to the lightest part of your hair, you'll look tired and washed-out.